Monday, November 05, 2007

elearning07: Panel 8 - That’s deep!

Panel 8 - That’s deep!
image by sridgway

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NSW LearnScope 2007 two day
showcase, Sydney NSW, 1 & 2 Nov 2007. Drawing together representatives from all 2007 Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects to share their outcomes and insights via a range of conversations and demonstrations.
Panel discussed "can we achieve deep critical thinking in a torrid online landscape of bite sized and momentary interactions with others?" - Facilitated by Marg O'connell

Team 03 Utilising Web 2.0 Tools in Teaching - Western Institute
Team 07 txtme- NSW AMES
Team 48 - Learning Technologies Team : Capability Development - North Coast Institute
Viv Evans from Explorers Team
Joy Sharpe from VET Pedagogy team

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