Monday, December 12, 2011

eLearning11: E-learning for indigenous learners in remote communities

Georgina Nou, TAFE SA Regional


Education and training for indigenous people in remote communities has been fraught with difficulties because of geographical isolation, cultural concerns, peoples’ mobile lifestyles, economic considerations and need for focus. With the provision of ADSL internet in the Lands, we have adopted online training and have seen significant changes in access, participation and enthusiasm by community members. We have extended the capacity to deliver engaging, interactive and regular online sessions since the 2007 start, using Centra web-conferencing, Moodle and innovative technologies. POV technology, virtual worlds and interactive multimedia resources offer text alternatives for learners with inadequate literacy skills. After 10 years of working with remote indigenous communities Georgina brings her insights on the various initiatives and explores the issues for remote learners and educators when taking outbush training online.

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