Friday, December 17, 2010

eLearning10 Day 1 session: How much fire can I steal?

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Howard Errey
Victorian Innovations Coordinator, Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Ever wondered what happens on the inside of an innovator? We’d all like to think that we can empower and open our students and organisations to the new wonderful ways of the web; but it’s not always simple and straightforward. There’s the challenges on the outside such as firewalls and the risk managers; but there’s also our inner psychology to deal with as well. Innovators might be able to see a marvellous future or potential, but don’t always feel empowered about what is going on around (and inside) them right now; and often feel alone.
Looking at mythology about innovations as well as examples of some notable innovators and sample E-learning Innovations projects, Howard looks at what makes an innovator and ask ‘how much fire can we steal?’ The intention of this session is that we gain insight into our own capacity for empowerment and development as an e-learning leader.

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