Saturday, June 20, 2009

aupov09 - Road Test of the VIO POV 1.5

video by sridgway

Download the MP4 file (15 Mb)


Matt Fitzhardinge from Launch HelmetCams was showcasing their VIO POV1.5 at the aupov09 Conference and he let me take it for a spin.

I also attached one of my visivox external microphones to see how it work.

This is an awesome POV camera, very high build and video quality. One issue I encountered was that it uses the *.avi container with the divx codec which I had to install to view the videos. Adobe Prem Elements 4 would not edit the video even after I had installed the divx codec so I converted it to the DV Video codec using Super and it imported fine.
I exported the final edited video to mp4 for upload to and for the vodcast link.


aupov09 conference website

Launch Helmet Cams

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Unknown said...

hi,I seldom use pabcast, but I often upload flash video to Youtube with swf to flv converter.