Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mobstr : User Generated Mobile Media

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Today dawned as a new begining for the Mobstr project dreamed up in late 2004 as part of the Engageme project. Regan Harding and Anne Paterson have agreed to discuss this concept further with a bit of a juicier media engagement bent and perhaps linking in with some resonant youth related events worldwide.

The concept goes something like this - download the MP3 file ( 19 mins 47 secs : 9.7 MB)

Many young people generate cool content via their mobile phone and send it to each other and also load it to MySpaces , Beebo, YouTube, Blip.Tv or where ever. Media concepts are a great engaging start for young people with educators and yet as a VET sector ( education ) we let the most relevant parts of the equation go by the wayside.

The idea behind the Mobstr project is for young people to have access to a MOBILE aggregatable portal which allows them to distribute mobile media productions ( mobisodes style ) to subscribers who in this case would be regional and metropolitan news media crews itching for great up-to-date content of relevance to young people.

This will require careful scoping, funding access and host of input from young people themselves. I've been speaking about this with a number of people so far and welcome your input.

Are you already living a mobile life ?

Alex Hayes

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