Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ACAL Conference 2006: TAFE QLD LLNP Assessment Kit

Session 3, Breakout 1: TAFE QLD LLNP Assessment Kit
Denise Mapleston & Ann Kelly, 7 October 2006

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2006 ACAL National Conference
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The presentation focused on a resource kit for use in the initial assessment of LLNP clients.
The kit had to:
  • have the capacity to meet the rwquirements of the DEST LLNP contract
  • be flexible enough to meet the needs of potential students from diverse backgrounds across a range of geographical locations
  • have the potential for customisation
The items, tasks and guidelines had to meet specific criteria including:
  • capacity to integrate macro skills within the one activity
  • capacity to use the same item accross a number of NRS levels
  • provision of tasks auitable for NESB and ESB clients across streams of training
  • the inclusion of a checklist for each activity for the purpose of guiuding assessors judgement

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