Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Podmob Project - Recording 1

Two days ago I interviewed Gary Lienert from Newman Campus of Pilbara TAFE about his ideas on podcasting with students, some of the upcoming plans he has for working with Indigenous students and a few other bits and bobs.

The recording can be manually downloaded at the site.

The recording is also available directly

There were issues with connections and so on so we recorded the session individually using Audacity and whilst listening to each other in synchronous mode via Skype. Gary then uploaded the MP3 from his end to my site and then I downloaded it to my desktop.

I then uploaded it to Audacity, edited etc. and then uploaded it to my account and pointed to it via my tagplayer account.

Damned convoluted but it worked !!!

Hope you enjoy the first clunky but clear recording as we track the podmob project from begining to end ( is there ever an end ??)


Alex Hayes

1 comment:

Jo Kay said...

Good work! Despite the technical hoopla you had to go thru, its a great little recording! ;-)

Thanks for highlighting Garry's work too... can't wait to hear more!!