Thursday, April 20, 2006

The 'Craphound' and Digital Guru Cory Doctorow Debates the Digital Future

Cory Doctorow, April 2006
Download the MP3 file (22.4 MB, 1hr 38 mins)

Cory Doctorow
"Outspoken novelist, commentator and new-tech guru CORY DOCTOROW debates the future for filmmakers and media artists in this special event hosted by Popcorn Taxi and the Australian Film Commission." - P o p c o r n T a x i event flyer

Sean Fitzgerald, Diana Khabbaz and Stephan Ridgway attended the event and we recorded it using a portable mp3 player and an external mic. We missed the first 5 min of the presentation as we were initially told by the organisers that no recordings or photos were permitted, however once Cory started he announced that the audience was free to make & disseminate digital recordings. In many ways this was a seminal moment and epitomised the difference between the “all rights reserved” and “Creative Commons” models of copyright he discussed in his presentation.

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Unknown said...

Half way there I decided that my threshold for critique that day had been reached.

I sat and had a quiet dinner with my family and friends which is my most treasured times.

Mario played some tunes [ ] and Nellie said hello to the blogging world [ ]

I didnt miss Cory's talk because Stpehan has provided us with a fantastic podcast of his wisdom. This is where web 2.0 and the blogging world comes to the fore....keeping familys together, friendships fun, work play and so on.

Thanks Stephan, Diana and Sean. It's great you made it and now so have we.


Alex Hayes

James in Bologna said...

Well done Steph et al,

Am enjoying hearing Cory's spiel. Thanks for sharing it.


Unknown said...

thanks folks, I'm looking forward to hearing this (so much easier than the 3 hour drive to Sydney).

If you're interested in hearing the original short story, "Craphound" by Cory, you can hear pick up and listen to the CC mp3 from -