Friday, December 17, 2010

eLearning10 - Day 1 session : Rethinking content development: why is this necessary?

Download the MP3 file (45 min)


Michael Coghlan
E-learning consultant

This session addresses the need to rethink the creation of content for online or blended delivery in the light of:
• the abundance of freely available content on the internet (websites, media, RSS feeds, blogs, discussion etc)
• the costs associated with creating content and the emphasis on creating content rather than on effective
teaching methods
• the increasing importance of Open Licensing arrangements such as Creative Commons and the increasing use of mobile technologies in education
• the realisation through recent reports

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Ray Tolley said...

A great audio presentation but it would have been helpful to see the visuals that I assumed accompanied this talk!

Ray T

Stephan said...

thanks Ray, we will be adding the ppt's and links to videos shown very soon.