Friday, December 17, 2010

eLearning10 - Day 1 keynote: Sustaining e-learning innovation

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Kaye Bowman

Kaye’s presentation will discuss seven factors required together to sustain e-learning innovations:
1. Strategy – a longer term view than any one e-learning innovation is required.
2. Senior leadership – must support in ways appropriate to their particular situation.
3. Business case – is a key driver for for-profit businesses, especially cost savings.
4. Resourcing – external resources are short term; internal resources are required.
5. Champions – to build capability especially through one-to-one mentoring on how to use technologies.
6. People supports – to make it possible for teachers to focus on achieving learning using technologies that
could be internally and/or externally located.
7. Technology – both sufficient hardware and software support that could be internally and or externally
located. An organisation’s level of e-maturity depends on how well they exhibit these seven factors.

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