Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Your Point Of View : Edu-Peep Show

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For some reason or other the use of point-of-view video creation technologies seems to have taken off with a bang whereas two years ago it was a great idea but not seeing a great deal of uptake. Maybe the BBC PeepShow are now making room for edu-innovators into the foyer of fleeting stardom ?

What's for certain though is times have changed ......bandwidth is marginally cheaper and the onus on digital literacy is coming to the fore.

Geoff Lubich, mechanics Lecturer at Pilbara TAFE seems to have managed to massage the trade, the technology and the politics ( onward from Gary Lienert a few years back ) just well enough to see his entire college and many other Australia wide delving into whats possible.

Check out Geoff's latest live test recording in aUstream live test today of cam glasses with wireless transmission back to personal computer and web recorded onto Ustream ......mind boggles.

Meanwhile listen to Geoff Lubich and Alex Hayes mull over what's coming up with POV in the near future. Chase some links perhaps....





POV Mesh



Music excerpt snippet ripped down from Teru at CC Mixter.org

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