Wednesday, November 07, 2007

elearning07: Panel 4 - Topic: But how do I know it’s their work?

Donna Facilitating
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NSW LearnScope 2007 two day
showcase, Sydney NSW, 1 & 2 Nov 2007. Drawing together representatives from all 2007 Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects to share their outcomes and insights via a range of conversations and demonstrations.
But how do I know it’s their work?
How can technology support assessment in the field and in workplaces? - Facilitated by Marg O'Connell

Susan Howard (NSW Department of Lands) – Industry Engagement project
Team 08 - Atkinson Training, Atkinson Training & Development, Newcastle
Team 16 - Tourism Hospitality ED (THED) Faculty eLearning Project - Illawarra Institute
Team 36 - Enviro-Sustainable Design - TAFENSW Western Sydney Institute
Team 37 - Oodles of Moodle for the U-learner - TAFENSW Western Sydney Institute

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