Sunday, October 07, 2007

Social Networking : Web ( world ) wide.

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: Digital Literacies : Fear and Loathing

Duration : 14.4 minutes

I should of made mention of this a little while ago but things have been more than a little frantic on the work front so here goes now.

As part of NSW LearnScope Regional events ( four locations - hundreds involved online and offline ) there was an opportunity to engage with industry representatives, cultural groups, young people and the this instance I'm talking of the media.

We also managed to get comment from people like David Warlick, Tom Haskins, Leigh Blackall and a host of other brilliant international voices.

As per the NSW LearnScope blog;

Anne Moulder and Susanne…… ( name escapes me ) from Tamworth ABC - Radio National, [ Australia ] pinned me down for a brief chat on the role of web 2.0, the social networking sites that are changing the networked ecosphere and a number of other considerations whilst I was up at the NSW LearnScope regional events in Tamworth Community College last Friday.
I consider it to pretty much sums up my feelings on the topic at the moment.
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