Sunday, April 29, 2007

Talking VTE Episode #4

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Talking VTE Episode #4
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In this episode Alex Hayes, Kathie Warren, Dorothy Waterhouse, Michael Nelson, Robyn Jay, Rose Grozdanic & Stephan Ridgway have a conversation around the issue of bullying and harassment within online communities, a phenomenon which come to be characterised as "cyberbulling".

Links Relevant to the podcast:

NSW Learnscope "Community Guidelines"

Difference of Opinion - ABC

Tim O'Reilly has composed a Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct for blogs

Anarchy of distance - Bryan Appleyard

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics "A Bloggers Code of Ethics"

Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines

wikipedia entry on cyberbulling

Kathy Sierra's blog


NetAlert CyberSafe Schools - Internet Safety Education, Aust. Fed. Government initiative designed to help teachers empower students on safe use of the Internet.

NetSmartz Workshop Videos - Series of video scenarios on cyberbulling from a an North American interactive multimedia site that deals with cyber bullying and child saftey on the Internet.

FLOSS Weekly 7: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales - The founder of Wikipedia discusses its roots, its software, and the secret to managing a diverse and fractious online community.

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